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Before submitting a request, please review our sample submission guidelines.

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Required information for Sample Features:
➤ For nucleic acid extractions, please specify: ➤ If shipping nucleic acids, please specify: ➤ For sequencing, please specify:
1⦘ sample type (leaf, root, cells, …)
2⦘ sample condition (frozen, lyophilized, …)
3⦘ amount of sample submitted (grams, number of organs)
1⦘ concentration (Qubit)
2⦘ volume
3⦘ buffer type
1⦘ genome size
2⦘ ploidy
3⦘ heterozygosity/inbreeding
4⦘ expected coverage
5⦘ pooling/barcoded samples
✱Please see the Sample Submission Guide for additional details✱