Major Projects

Oryza Genome Evolution
NFS award abstract

The Oryza map alignment project(NSF)
OMAP web site
NFS award abstract - gramene
See all OMAP publications

Rice centromere
Evolutionary genomics of a rice cetromere(NSF)
NFS award abstract
See 2011 Plant Cell publication

Oryza Chromosome 3 Project
Sequencing of chromosome 3 short arms from the AA, BB, CC, BBCC genomes of the wild relatives of rice for comparative funcional and evolutionary analysis(NSF). This project has now been extended to include Ch3S sequences from all diploid Oryza species except O. australiensis. See OGE project and Gramene for more details.
NFS Award Abstract

SoyMap, an integrated map of soybean for resulution and dissection of multiple genome duplication events(NSF)
NFS award abstract
See 2010 Nature publication

Maize genome
The maize genome sequencing project(NSF)
NSF award abstract
See 2009 Science & PLoS Genetics publications

Maize FLcDNA
The maize full length cDNA sequencing project(NSF)
NFS award abstract
See 2009 PLoS Genetics publication

Genome evolution in diploid and polypoid cotton(NSF)
NSF award abstract

AGI participation in other public projects
Red clover genomics, Eucalyptus genomics, Amborella genomics, Barley genomics, Poplar genome resources.

BAC special projects
Healthy People 2010 project, Drosophila (See 2007 Nature & 2011 Genetics publications), Oryza BAC library project (see 2006 Genome Research & 2010 Breeding Science publications), Green plant BAC library project
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