PacBio Sequel II
PacBio Revio

The state-of-the-art sequencing platform.  PacBio instruments generate highly accurate (>99.9%) HiFi reads, to sequence reliably any region of any genome


Agilent Femto Pulse
Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100

State of the art instruments to accurately size and qualify any nucleic acid



Invitrogen Qubit 4
Thermo Scientific™ NanoDrop One

Complementary methods for nucleic acid quantification



Diagenode Megaruptor® 3
Sage Science BluePippin
Sage Science Pippin HT

DNA shearing and size fractionation for optimal sequencing results



Pac cluster: 256 cores, 4 TB RAM, about 300 TB storage
EagI cluster: 640 cores, 5 TB RAM, about 200 TB storage
University of Arizona's HPC

Plenty of on hand computational resources




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