Better Data Yields Better Biology

Oct. 27, 2021

AGI is hosting a workshop to highlight the potential of PacBio sequencing

After expanding its sequencing and sample processing capacity, AGI is organizing a workshop to showcase the capabilities of long-read, highly-accurate PacBio HiFi reads.

On Tuesday November 16, University of Arizona's BIO5 Institute will host this hybrid workshop with presentations from AGI, PacBio project and sequencing specialists, UAGC's Genomics Research Services manager Barbara Fransway, and Professor Monica Schmidt.  The event aims at illustrating the capabilities of the PacBio DNA sequencing technology, with a specific focus on the medical research applications and the study of other non-plant organisms.

Together with the workshop, AGI and PacBio are offering a SMRT Grant program, where applicants can win sequencing credit for their projects of interest. The workshop is free, though registration is required.