Across the wall to study gentle giants and lesser creatures


Alberto Burquez Montijo, Enriquena Bustamante, Brad Butterfield, Joseph LM Charboneau, Dario Copetti, David Dettman, Luis E Eguiarte, Kevin R Hultine, Eugenio Larios, Michelle M McMahon, Raul Puente, Michael Sanderson, David Williams, Rod A Wing,
Noah K Whiteman, Martin F Wojciechowski, David Yetman
A transborder group integrating knowledge and methods for the study of the North American columnar cacti was created. Using the giant saguaro cactus as anchor species we combine genomics with ecophysiological and ecological dynamics for North American columnar cacti. We sequenced the nuclear genome of saguaro and other related columnar cacti to tie genomics with morphological and physiological traits, and with the ecological and genetic population structure. Growth and form are remarkable drivers of distribution and coexistence. Growth and photosynthesis are coupled to a complex suite of climate conditions with a strong legacy effect from the previous summer and winter.
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